2014 International GIS Day - November 19

In a partnership with Dunsmuir Public Schools and FireWhat, a Dunsmuir-based emergency services technology company, The River Exchange is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 International GIS Day (www.gisday.com) on November 19.  The event, organized by FireWhat Inc., will showcase projects the students have built using GIS (geographic information systems) technology.

The students and teachers were introduced to GIS on September 29 during a Geography Day event. These hands-on geography education activities signaled the beginning of a shift in the educational focus of both Dunsmuir public schools. DES Watershed Education Coordinator and FireWhat Public Relations and Educational Outreach Officer Spencer Adkisson explained, “The purpose of Geography Day was to introduce the students to the five themes of geography (location, place, region, movement, and human-environmental interaction), and to get them thinking spatially. We also wanted to introduce the students and teachers to cutting-edge GIS software and applications that they can use right now for their class projects in grades K-12 across all content areas.”

FireWhat hosted a second  teacher training workshop for the Dunsmuir schools on October 20 in which the teachers were given the tools to begin using the ESRI ArcGIS platform for an array of student-centered projects and activities that include adding layers to maps, changing map symbols, configuring pop-ups, and sharing a map as a web application.  

The International GIS Day event in Dunsmuir will begin with a live WebEx teleconference with representatives from AccuWeather. AccuWeather, based in State College, Pennsylvania, provides real-time weather information to over 1 billion people from nearly 3 million locations world-wide. Afterward, representatives from Cal FIRE, the USGS, National Geographic, Shasta College, Earth Systems, Alpenglow Mapping, and the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, among others, will host stations to demonstrate to the students how they use GIS in their professions. The student GIS projects will also be on display from 9 am until 2 pm at the new FireWhat? office located in the Cornet Building at 5727 Dunsmuir Avenue.  

At the end of GIS Day, a professional GIS workshop for making better maps will feature Martin Gamache. Martin Gamache is the senior cartographer from National Geographic in Washington, DC. Martin will also be the keynote speaker for Dunsmuir GIS Day 2014, and will present to an all ages audience in the California Theatre in Dunsmuir, CA at 6:00 on Nov. 19th, GIS Day. Admission to the keynote speaker presentation is free for the public.

Tickets are free and are available at FireWhat?. In the City of Mt. Shasta they are available at the Fifth Season and at Shasta Base Camp.