Computer-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become one of the most important tools in today’s society. Along with other educators around the world, The River Exchange is sponsoring this year's local student GIS day on November 18th, hosted at Dunsmuir High School in Dunsmuir. An evening program for the community is also being arranged, with details to be announced in coming days.

This event is made possible by donations, which can be mailed to The River Exchange, PO Box 784, Dunsmuir, CA 96025. You may also contribute by going to this fundraising link:…/gis-day-2015-dunsmuir-californi…

For more information regarding Dunsmuir GIS Day, please contact GIS Day organizers Spencer Adkisson at, or Cassie Hansen at 

More information about worldwide GIS Day can be found at

November 18
GIS After Dark