GIS After Dark

The evening of November 18th from 7:00 pm til 8:30 pm, Dunsmuir High School will host “GIS After Dark”, public presentations by local GIS professionals sharing some of the fascinating ways that GIS mapping is describing our communities and shaping planning for the future. Topics will include the geo design process of the Bunny Flat kiosk, to GIS used for wildland search and rescue, to slope stability of the OSO mud slide to monumental atmospheric river snow storms. The program will include a presentation of special interest by Dunsmuir resident Cassie Hansen, University of Nevada Reno, titled “Atmospheric Rivers: Major Weather Events on Mt. Shasta,” and Caroline Rose from University of Madison- Wisconsin who will be presenting her MS thesis titled: Mapping Technology in Wildland Search and Rescue: an Interview Study.

Please join us at the Dunsmuir High School auditorium for this special event!