Great Shasta Rail Trail Project

In May of 2012, we received a grant from the Bella Vista Foundation to inventory streams and springs in the McCloud River watershed to support planning of protection and restoration of stream crossings along the abandoned McCloud River Railroad.  We coordinated with a coalition of partners in McCloud and Burney leading the development of a trail along the old railroad linking the two communities. Named the Great Shasta Rail Trail, the trail will span over 80 miles across the McCloud and Pit River watersheds. Development of the Trail provides an ideal opportunity to address impacts of the old railroad on the McCloud River and its tributaries, which support McCloud redband trout, one of a handful of remaining native salmonids in California. The goal of our grant was to identify high priority projects for improving instream conditions by reducing sedimentation, restoring natural stream courses, and removing barriers to fish passage while supporting exciting new recreational opportunities in the Region.


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