School Education Programs

Education for the next generation of river stewards


(4 Photo’s: Benthic Collection Demonstration, Aquatic Insect Station, Glacial Demonstration, Food Web Demonstration)

Outdoor Science Education - This program is designed to help teachers with hands-on, outdoor experiences in science education. Through this program students are exposed to the many elements that create a healthy watershed, the importance of the Upper Sacramento River system and how to be good stewards of their watershed. 

Copy of Sisson_SLT_Monitoring1.JPG

Locating Photo Points at Sisson Meadow

Mentor Prog Greenhouse 1.JPG

Plant Propagation at U.S.F.S. Green House 

Natural Resource Mentorship Program - Each semester, High School students are exposed to a range of natural resource based professions throughout the region. The programs focus is to partner students with natural resource professionals from local state and federal agencies, organizations and businesses to gain first-hand knowledge of resource management and the opportunities that our area holds for interested young people. (2 Photo’s: Sisson Meadow, F.S. Green House)


We receive crucial support for these school education programs from numerous local agencies, organizations, businesses and member donations. To inquire about enrollment, or to support these programs through volunteering or donations, please contact us at  or call 530-235-2012