Regional IRWM Plan Available Online

As mentioned in our newsletters over the past 3 years, we have been helping to lead our community through a California water management planning process, known as Integrated Regional Water Management, or IRWM. We are excited to announce that the completed IRWM Plan for the Upper Sacramento, McCloud and Lower Pit River (USR) region is available online for public access.

The USR region's website ( features general IRWM information, a reference library, and a meeting calendar, as well as the final IRWM Plan. The plan can be accessed in a single file, or by chapter at

Producing a completed IRWM plan is instrumental to helping our rural communities qualify for state funds in order to complete essential infrastructure, water monitoring and other water-related projects. The projects proposed to date are detailed in Chapter 10 of the plan linked above. Stakeholders who have approved the Plan have formed the Regional Water Management Group (RWMG).

The RWMG will meet regularly in 2014, in order to further develop project proposals and to prepare for DWR’s Round 3 Implementation funding cycle. For meeting and event information, see the calendar page at

REX would like to acknowledge all the stakeholders who participated in developing the Plan, and especially those who have become members of the RWMG. We hope that other stakeholders will join the RWMG in the near future. In particular, we thank California Trout's Mt. Shasta office, for providing significant support and assistance to make this process a success. We couldn't have achieved this goal with these valuable partnerships.