25th Annual Upper Sacramento River Clean-Up on September 16th

By Tristan Behm, Vice-President of the River Exchange Board. 

Welcome to the 25th Annual Upper Sacramento River Clean-Up

That’s right, for 25 years volunteers from all over the state have come to help clean the Upper Sacramento River.  25 Years!  That is truly amazing and from the bottom of the River Exchange’s heart, we thank all the volunteers over the years for coming out to make our world a better place.  But, the work doesn’t stop and neither do the people who trash the river.  So, on September 16th the 25th Annual Upper Sacramento River Clean-Up will be happening.  

Volunteer Registration will start at 9:00am at the parking lot next to the Dunsmuir baseball field, near the Dunsmuir Parks and Recreation office at 4841 Dunsmuir Ave. in North Dunsmuir. Children should be accompanied by a supervising adult. Volunteers will be given location assignments and maps, trash bags, and gloves. At 1:00, participants will regroup at Dunsmuir City Park for free pizza, awards, and fun activities. 

Then join us that evening at POPs. It will start at 5:00 p.m. with social hour (craft beer/wine) until dinner at 6:00 p.m.  It will be a showcase of Southern cooking, featuring jambalaya, corn bread, yummy sides, and special Cajun dessert. Dinner tickets will be $15 each, and expected to go fast. Available at Dunsmuir Brewery Works, Gary's Pizza, Ted Fay Fly Shop, Dunsmuir Hardware, and Chamber Office. 

Live music will begin at 7:30. The authentic Siskiyou sounds coming from Whiskey Gulch. Sponsors and champion volunteers will be recognized. Prizes will be awarded in various trashy categories (i.e. biggest ball of monofilament fishing line) and for finders of the "Golden Rocks" hidden in the clean-up zones.

The evening celebration is for all who help keep our river clean throughout the whole year.  We would love to hear your story if you are a person who spends your afternoon by the river picking up trash.  We want to celebrate the clean up that happens year-round.  It's not just one day that this happens, it's everyday that the great citizens of Siskiyou County take the time to pick up trash along the river.  Come and enjoy an evening dedicated to you, the true stewards of the river.  See you out on the river on September 16th, and see you out on the dance floor that evening celebrating the place we live, beautiful Siskiyou County.