Outgoing President's Message July 20, 2017

July 20, 2017


The Re-boot is Real!


As I write this message, I’m no longer President of The River Exchange.  After 4 years as President, I’m stepping down, taking a few deep breaths, and taking a few things off my plate. The last several years have been challenging for The River Exchange.  But even through some lean years, we’ve focused on delivering pieces of our core mission, especially the River Cleanup and education programs in Dunsmuir Schools.  You can read more about those activities elsewhere on this website.


Most importantly, the community is responding to my challenge to Re-Boot the River Exchange.  In June of 2016, we had only three remaining Board members.  Now we have seven!  Our new Board members (see the About page) bring a variety of skills and talents, and most importantly, a commitment to the ideals of The River Exchange.  The new Board is preparing our booth at the Aug. 5 Dunsmuir Brew Fest, and making plans for the Sept. 16 Great River Cleanup.  It’s a real pleasure to see new faces and new energy!


 I’ll remain on the Board of Directors, and take responsibility for carrying out our $86,500 grant for updating the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.  Read more about that under the Projects link on the Home Page.


I’d like to thank two people who recently left the Board.  Both Spencer Adkisson and Michelle Andras are educators with young families who have found they just don’t have time for one more activity.  Both made real contributions during their service on the Board: Spencer delivered educational programs at Dunsmuir Elementary and Dunsmuir High, and Michelle delivered an education program at Castle Lake and coordinated the Great River Cleanup in 2016.  We know they are still allies of The River Exchange, and look forward to working with them in the future!


I especially want to thank all the businesses and community members who have continued to support The River Exchange during my time as President.  Your support is critical to our success.  The need and demand for our services seems limitless; our ability to deliver is constrained only by two things: human energy and funds!  Please consider joining our Board or a committee.  Contact a Board member or drop an email to contact.riverexchange@gmail.com.


Sincerely – Phil Detrich