Happy New Year  to all Past, Present and Future supporters of The River Exchange!

The River Exchange is my favorite nonprofit group. We were founded after the 1991 Cantara Spill, originally with Southern Pacific Railroad settlement money. I have been a board member for 24 years. This organization should have at least 1000 members and it is our goal to reach beyond 1000 for support. Everyone who wants our rivers to be cold and clear and full of wild trout should join and support this amazing organization.

Through the years we have had a series of excellent executive directors, including  Diane Strachan, Vince Cloward, Dea Knox, Sandy Spelicy, Daniel Olstein, Phil Detrich, and now Dr. Cassandra Hansen.

In our 24-year history, we have obtained grants from state agencies, the U.S. Forest Service, many foundations, and individual support. The largest was managing the Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan for the Upper Sacramento, McCloud and Pit Rivers.  Other included the Hedge Creek Falls Trail, The Sacramento Headwaters restoration and trail project, 20-plus year of successful river clean-ups, Tauhindauli Park Trail, Mt.Shasta Hatchery Trail, Dunsmuir High School STEAM Coordinator & GIS integration, 3 years of continued sponsorship and support of the International Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, removal of invasive plant species, Trout Creek restoration, watershed assessments and much more.

Many threats to our rivers and other issues remain, and The River Exchange is in the best place to respond to them. These growing issues include: climate change, pollutants, water temperature, and river access. These all require continual ongoing efforts to educate our next generation of watershed stewards. The River Exchange in the the process of a “reboot”, with new board members, including some young people with professional, scientific, and tech experience. We invite all of you interested in river stewardship with community involvement to contact us, donate, and volunteer!   We thank you for your continued support throughout the last 26 years.

More to come!  


Chris Stromsness

President of The River Exchange and Founding Member