Raft & Restore

Photos: River Dancers Rafting and Kayak Co.


NEED UPDATE:  This event was cancelled for several years due to low flows in drought conditions, or moved to the Klamath River.  See story under BLOG.  We hope to rejuvenate this event.

Beginning in 2009, River Dancers Rafting & Kayaking Company and the U.S. Forest Service made our annual Raft and Restore event possible by donating rafting and plant removal equipment to curb the spread of Scotch broom on the banks of the Upper Sacramento River. This event was a unique opportunity to get involved in hands-on river restoration while rafting eight miles of exciting Class 3 whitewater rapids during springtime flows.

The target of these restoration efforts is the non-native plant Scotch broom that has taken a firm hold of the banks of the river over the years. Scotch broom was introduced in California from Europe as a landscape ornamental and for erosion control. Legend has it that it was used during the Gold Rush as packing material for whiskey bottles shipped from Europe. This yellow-flowered noxious weed spreads aggressively and is highly invasive, crowding out native species that provide food and habitat for wildlife. Volunteers will help dig out plants and bundle them up to be disposed of by the U.S. Forest Service. 

Pre-registration is required, and a registration fee supports our ongoing programs, such as watershed education and restoration projects. To sign up for this exciting stewardship and whitewater opportunity, call River Dancers Rafting & Kayaking at (800) 926-5002, or email them at rafting@riverdancers.com. Learn more about River Dancers at www.riverdancers.com. For more information about Scotch broom and other noxious weeds, visit the California Invasive Plant Council website at http://www.cal-ipc.org, or call the Siskiyou County Department of Agriculture at (530) 841-4025.