Sisson Museum Exhibit

The Sisson Museum in Mt. Shasta opened a “Mt. Shasta H2O” exhibit in April 2011, as a two-year exhibit focused on water. The exhibit included work from a diverse range of stakeholders with our most critical resource -water -as the central theme.

The River Exchange had previously facilitated the completion of a Watershed Assessment of the Upper Sacramento River. One of the focus areas of the assessment was the response of the watershed to the Cantara Spill, and specifically the watershed’s recovery post-spill as an indicator of watershed health and resilience. With the 20th anniversary of the Cantara spill in 2011, the River Exchange developed a water exhibit entry focused on the spill for the Museum.

Our installation included a brief history of the spill, an interactive key where visitors learned about the effects of the Cantara spill on wildlife species, and the degree to which that species has recovered in the twenty years since the spill.